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What We're About

Believe it or not, the recipe came from a dream!

It all started during peak pandemic when everyone was quarantined at home with a LOT of downtime to experiment with our hobbies. Alex found a recipe online and tried making it, but to his disappointment, it tasted like butt! So he took a 20-minute nap and lo and behold, he found GOLDEN GARLIC NUGGETS floating on top of clouds. He immediately woke up, went straight to the kitchen, choppity-chop, and the rest is history. 


Our Vision

Live in a judgement-free world where sharing ideas and expressing ourselves are encouraged.

Our Mission

To open up meaningful dialogues through good company and great food.


A word from our founders:

Hi there! I'm Alex, the chili enthusiast behind Hot Boi Chili Oil and a proud second-generation Vietnamese American entrepreneur. Let me share a quick tale and express what your support means to me. My old man, a successful business owner, never quite got on board with our spicy venture. He scoffed at the idea of folks actually shelling out for chili oil, pushing me towards a law degree instead. I didn't take his advice, but I for sure soaked up his business wisdom like a sponge. I was hell-bent on showing him I could follow in his entrepreneurial footsteps and make him proud. Sadly, he passed away in 2021 before witnessing our journey. Your support? It's my lifeline. You're helping me prove that chili oil isn't just a condiment – it's a fiery passion that can fuel a career!

- Alex Nguyen, cofounder and CEO


 Hey~ I’m Tram [‘j-ahm’]. I am the eldest daughter of refugees from the Vietnam War and the first American-born in my family. Being the first isn’t all that jazz since I had to grow up with the assigned roles of being the family's translator, social worker, and golden child. After years of contemplating whether or not medical school was right for me, I decided to quit the month when applications were due. I figured that if I had to drag my feet to study for the MCAT, I would lose my toes by the time I got the degree. Oh, and my status as the golden child was definitely revoked, but at least I’ve got some good ol’ crunchy, garlicky chili oil to keep me warm at night. With my background in science, deep diving into HBCO felt like a huge risk that was filled with staggering doubt and uncertainty. But, when I hear that so many of you love our chili oil as much as we do, it validates my decision to keep pushing forward and inspires me to further grow into a brilliant business owner! So, whether you are new or a loyal customer — Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting Hot Boi Chili Oil!

- Tram Huynh, cofounder and COO


I'm Nau and I just sleep, eat, poop, and boss these people around here. Woof.

- Nau, the Boss