Answers to most common questions about products, orders, shipments, and payments.
Chili Oil
What are the ingredients in the chili oil?

We use corn oil, crushed pepper flakes, Gochugaru (Korean red pepper flake), Carolina Reaper flake, Himalayan pink salt, organic cane sugar, shiitake mushroom powder.

Should I store this in the refrigerator after opening?

Personally, we prefer to leave it at room temperature, but you are more than welcome to leave it in the fridge!

Are your products vegan?

Yes! We use all natural ingredients and most importantly, we use organic sugar because cane sugar is normally processed with bone spurs.

How often do you produce a batch?

We produce once every month, but only in small batches at our current scale. We're hoping to find a co-packer to make sure we can continually provide for our customers and wholesale!

How long does it take you to produce a batch?

Currently, it takes us about 1-2 weeks to produce a batch from start to finish. However, it is largely dependent on our suppliers on whether they can deliver products for us on time.

Shipping and Pickups
Should I be worried about glass jars breaking in the shipping box?

Not at all! We carefully wrap each jar with padding and use extra padding on the bottom and top of the box to ensure the chili oil arrives safely in your hands.

Some of the glass jars came broken, what can I do?

Please shoot us an email and we'll send out some new jars for you. All we ask is you send us a picture to confirm, but please please be careful handling the broken glass.

I placed an order for pick-up, when and where do I go for pick-up?

Please give us 24 hours to prepare your order and it will be available at our office, 123 E Alma Ave. Unit 10B San Jose, CA 95112.

Our office is open from 10 AM - 3 PM, 7 days a week.

I'm at the office, but no one is available to hand off my order

We're sorry we weren't able to hand off your order, please shoot a text or call us at (408)-905-6607.